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blackbird returns

When we moved into the Tea Garden I was surprised by the lack of blackbirds. Our last place had blackbirds a-plenty, but here, in what I would’ve thought was an ideal suburban environment – hedges, lawns, shrubs – so, where are the bids? Well, to my ‘joy’, the birds have arrived and have commenced doing […]


Apple Snow

We had our first light dusting of frost yesterday here at the Tea Garden, and to celebrate the frost, and Matariki ( a few days back – on the 16th this year), I remembered apple snow. I’d never made it before, but I can remember the delights of it from when I was a kid […]


Lions in Winter

Today has given us all of the joys of Winter. The wind has been ripping and roaring and it’s not difficult to imagine lions romping around – disporting, as my neighbour would say – in the Tea Garden. I went out to make photos the Bowen Cemetery at lunchtime and found that despite the rain […]