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springtime, in the…

…well, deep in the heart of Texas actually. Oh to be in Austin, tomorrow, for the Garden Bloggers Spring Fling. Now, folks, if you´re within striking distance of this event, get your good self down there. You haven´t got a ticket? Don´t worry. Just tell them Lynsey sent you. I find the best approach is […]


Austin in Autumn (or Spring)

Having just returned from Austin, Texas I can thoroughly endorse the hospitality of the people of Austin. True, we did get into trouble, regularly, by taking photos, but hey – we’re tourists, that’s our job! And now it’s your turn – a bunch (now there’s a good gardening term that also sounds appropriately Texan) of […]


spring showers

An unexpected joy has been finding an iris managed to survive the rain and winds of spring, growing in a pot. We love iris – the embodiment of the rainbow. Today was also my Dad’s birthday. When the odd flower (Dad loved odd flowers) appears, or the tui calls, or especially if I hear a […]


whispers of spring

The roar of spring hasn’t started just yet, however I did take the opportunity of the sunshine to mow the lawn at the Tea Garden this morning. There are bulbs popping up everywhere, not just the ones I planted, and some are beginning to flower. The camellias are opening, and a rhododendron is floating clouds […]