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What Katydid next

When I was a kid I kept katydids (Caedicia simplex) in an insect box. I fed them on rose petals and kept a plastic lid with fresh water for them to drink. According to Landcare Research they make a “feeble chirp in the evening”. Granted, they’re not exactly canaries, but I used to find their […]


How do I hate thee?

Let me count the ways… Taking photos at lunchtime I was amazed at the huge numbers of wasps getting the last slurps of nectar from a shrubbery of Fatsia japonica. Dozens of wasps (either the German or the common wasps – I was unwilling to get close enough to confirm which) were speeding in, ignoring […]


autumn aphids

After the late summer’s warm and dry weather, the first showers of autumn has seen a flurry of aphids on the roses. Some roses appear to be very attractive to aphids, others less so. I don’t know what variety of roses are in the garden as yet – there were no tags and I’m a […]