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Hello, my name is Lynsey Gedye. I’ve been growing plants for more years than I care to remember and I’m based in Poneke – Wellington, Aotearoa – New Zealand. As a gardener I stand on the shoulders of giants, in particular those of my father, Alec. In addition to writing here about gardening and gardening heritage, I also write about aquaculture, and about exploring the edges and margins – the marginalia in my life.

AkoNet is the web presence of my wife and myself. We both work in the education field and from time-to-time accept commissions to undertake projects which meet our criteria of being rewarding, interesting, and make contributions to the greater good. If you wish to contact me I can be emailed at lynsey dot gedye at gmail dot com, or lynsey_gedye (skype), or use the contact form below.

What’s ako?
Ako is a New Zealand Maori word and refers to a holistic approach to education where the teacher can become the learner and the learner can become the teacher. There’s always someone who knows more about a subject than you do and there’s always someone who knows less. It acknowledges we can all be learners as well as teachers.

About the Tea Garden web site
I gathered the photos for the randomised (thanks again, Anders) images for the masthead using my trusty Fuji F10 digital camera at the Wellington Botanic Garden, the Karori cemetary, and in our garden. I wrote an action in Photoshop 7 to manage the image manipulation. The headline and subhead font is the superb Mutlu Ornamental, a font by Gazoz; again, manipulated in Photoshop 7. The background is manipulated from an image of Queen Victoria on her wedding day, found on the net. The body copy is set in Georgia, a beautiful font by Matthew Carter. Georgia font is available as a free download.

I’m not adept enough at php/mysql to have ever written this software by myself, so a scattering of rose petals to the team behind wordpress, and to the fine international team of programmers who have helped make this site protected and enhanced with a number of superb plugins –
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About the video interviews
I gathered the video footage using my trusty Fuji F10 digital camera. The quality is a long way from being broadcast standards, but the value of the content is my main concern. Besides, the F10 is what I’ve got. I use a bottletop connector and a wine bottle as my tripod – it’s all very simple. I find this to be a major advantage as the people I interview are amused by the uncomplicated approach. I edit using Windows Movie Maker. It’s part of the XP package. I struggled with Adobe Premier, Quicktime, and ZweiStein – all great software, and I’m sure would provide similar, if not better results – if I was prepared to spend the time learning how to use them. The finished documentaries are hosted by bliptv, on advice from Marg O’Connell. If you want to learn more about digital storytelling (it’s a fun thing to do), my wife Marica and Stephen Harlow have created digital storytelling resources (login as guest) on our AkoNet web site.

Finally, thank you, dear reader, for stopping by. I hope your time spent here has been interesting and uplifting. Please visit again.