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vegetable garden – planting underway


I haven’t written here for ages – a) the winter (see also: rainrainrain), b) travel and travail, c) life’s been busier than usual. It’s not that I haven’t been gardening, it’s that I haven’t been writing about what’s been going on. If I get a chance I’ll backfill so it looks like I’ve been writing all along.

Today, in a blitz, in the howling wind, Marica and I managed to plant – for the flower garden, pansies (pink shades), and apricot foxgloves. Pathetic, I know, but I adore foxgloves, even the old fashioned purple one – perhaps it’s a species – I just love them and I plan on having as many as possible. A roll of sweet pea plants didn’t find their way into the ground – just ran out of light. Not quite in the flower garden, but for the visuals, an astelia at the front gate. I love them – native, big, wild hair, and tough as old boots once they get established.

For the vegetable garden – lemon basil (Mrs Burns Lemon – an heirloom variety), cabbage (Lion Heart, Savoy), sugar snap peas, beetroot, honey and pearl sweet corn, silverbeet, celery, lettuce (Great Lakes, and a frenzied mesclun mix of curled endive, corn salad, rocket (again), green and red chicory, oak leaf, salad bowl, and red leaf lettuce), spinach, rocket, red chillies, cauliflower, zucchini, gherkin, and tomatoes (Moneymaker). A huge effort, we built a fence out of sticks and branches woven together for the sugar snaps – looked willowy and most rustic. We covered the rather frail looking beetroot with PET (fizz) bottles with the bottom cut out to be mini cloches.

To celebrate our efforts, Marica did war with the lawn (looks great) while I continued bricking the path around the vege garden. It looks great too, and while it’s all well and good using recycled materials, the time involved with chipping off the mortar, and worse, cement could perhaps be better spent – I don’t know – getting a tan with the beautiful people. Yeah, right. The sense of satisfaction is enormous, even if my body twinges every time I move.

So, what do you think ?

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