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I’m working away, in the spare moments (yes, both of them), on building a vegetable garden. It’s been something of a laborious process as I’ve winched myself up the learning curve. I wish my Dad was here, he would’ve knocked it together in an afternoon – he of the ‘I built my own pig sty, cow shed, hay shed, etc etc etc’ fame. Me – I’ve managed to do a deal to get some recycled fence palings, and some pegs, and I’m nailing the palings, paint side in, to form the space for our vege garden. Secretly, I’m quite enjoying the experience. I’ve spent quite a long time working out how to get a workable potager, to cover the land space usefully, to use the palings with the least number of cuts, and generally make it a worthy effort. I’ve painted the palings with used/recycled engine oil to act as a further preservative – the pine has slurped in the oil like a sponge and left a beautiful dark brown finish. Photos as they come to hand. I hope to get the job done in the not too distant future so I can get the late autumn/winter crops in. As we made dinner Marica and I were encouraging ourselves with – ‘This is the last year we buy garlic’ and ‘I can’t wait until we have our own tomatoes/fresh herbs etc’.

So, what do you think ?

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