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Austin in Autumn (or Spring)


Garden Bloggers Spring Fling 2008Having just returned from Austin, Texas I can thoroughly endorse the hospitality of the people of Austin. True, we did get into trouble, regularly, by taking photos, but hey – we’re tourists, that’s our job!

And now it’s your turn – a bunch (now there’s a good gardening term that also sounds appropriately Texan) of Austin garden writers have collaborated to create the Garden Bloggers Spring Fling 2008 Saturday, April 5, 2008. Sadly, I am unlikely to be able to make it – we only got back from Austin in December – but you’ll kick yourself if you don’t get there. My previous experience with BlogTalk Downunder, which lead to us organising and running Blog Hui in 2006 has demonstrated how, in ways unexpected and quite unprecedented, attending and participating in blog events can be literally life changing. If you are, in any way, able to attend, do yourself a favor – get along.


  1. Layanee

    Thanks for setting up the link! It is working and it is good to see a new post. So, you’ve been to Austin, TX have you? I hope to get there in April! We will see! Looking forward to your garden posts. Isn’t it full summer there right now? Funny how the seasons are reversed. Snow here and just freezing but the days are getting longer.

  2. Lynsey

    Hello Layanee – yes, it’s full summer here, however because of our altitude it is always cooler than down in the city (near sea level). Our growing season is at least a month later (and ends a month sooner) – I’m still working through what will thrive, what will grow, and what’s not worth the effort.

    Re Austin, yes, my wife and I were there November/December, helping to make movies, and having fun.

  3. kate

    Hi Lynsey,

    I wanted to log in and say thanks for setting me up so I can leave a comment!

    I hope you’ll be posting another blog entry soon.

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