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whispers of spring


The roar of spring hasn’t started just yet, however I did take the opportunity of the sunshine to mow the lawn at the Tea Garden this morning. There are bulbs popping up everywhere, not just the ones I planted, and some are beginning to flower. The camellias are opening, and a rhododendron is floating clouds of faintly pink and white blossoms – looking great against today’s blue sky. And of course, the lawn is beginning to grow; and even the goldfish surfaced to catch some of the warming rays – their water is freezing – I don’t know how they manage. I managed to trim back the plum tree a little a few weekends ago, and the tiny green buds are starting to appear along the charcoal coloured branches.

The slight rustling of of Spring is here. Not a moment too soon as far as I’m concerned, I hate the cold weather.

So, what do you think ?

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