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Lions in Winter


blue-irisToday has given us all of the joys of Winter. The wind has been ripping and roaring and it’s not difficult to imagine lions romping around – disporting, as my neighbour would say – in the Tea Garden. I went out to make photos the Bowen Cemetery at lunchtime and found that despite the rain (and the lions) it wasn’t that cold. Irises are named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow – and there, in a sheltered corner, this lovely iris was nestling beside an old grave. I love irises, and I particularly like the smaller, species(?) irises. I find visiting the cemeteries useful because generally they’re forgotten, and the species that manage to survive and thrive are going to do the same in the Tea Garden.

A number of the other irises (I. foetidissima) have set their big, bright red/orange seed capsules. I’ve never tried growing iris from seed before and if they’ve cross pollinated I might get some interesting variations. List of things to do for June:

* Gather iris seed, clean, and scarify ready for planting.
* Sow grass seed to patch gaps in lawn.
* Continue trimming and readying the herbaceous border.
* Plant garlic on the shortest day.
* Make a start on the herb garden.
* Finish out the driveway border.

So, what do you think ?

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