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What Katydid next


Katydid - Caedicia simplexWhen I was a kid I kept katydids (Caedicia simplex) in an insect box. I fed them on rose petals and kept a plastic lid with fresh water for them to drink. According to Landcare Research they make a “feeble chirp in the evening”. Granted, they’re not exactly canaries, but I used to find their call reassuring.

I was happy to see a katydid on one of the Tea Garden’s roses this morning after the rain. I know they eat rose petals and probably take a swing at the young buds, but at this time of the year – with the roses heading towards the rest season – I don’t mind. I don’t think there will be huge damage done, given the small population likely to be found here. I’ve seen sparrows take katydids so I’m sure they’re part of a food chain somewhere. Besides, they have that cute bug-eyed thing down pat.

Meanwhile the roses seem uncertain as to whether to retreat for winter (the day length is suggesting that should be the case) or continue to grow (as the temperatures continue to encourage growth).

What’s that bug also has a lot to say about katydids, mostly from North America.

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