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May – things to do


virginia creeperThe darling buds of May here don’t mean blossoms, rather coloured leaves giving the clear impression that Autumn is here, and Winter is on the way. There’s a lot to do in the tea garden at this time of year. I’ve already brought in the very tender house plants – the anthurium and the spathiphyllums (all still flowering). We haven’t had a frost yet, but on calmer nights the smell is in the air.

My projects for May are:

Plant bulbs – now getting increasingly urgent to get the last of them in
Trim back the dead and dying flowers
Make friends with the lawn
* level out some of the holes
* spread the topsoil to reinforce the thin topsoil layer
* sow grass seed
* groom up the lawn
* spray weeds
Start planning the herbaceous border garden
Start planning the native garden
Trimming, trimming, trimming
If the leaves finally fall from the plum, prune it.

So, what do you think ?

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